MEDIBLINK Nasal Aspirator 2-in-1 M400

Unique: 2-in-1, allows use with a normal household vacuum cleaner or with the help of the mouth
Easy to use: mucus is trapped in a special container and cannot enter the tube/mouth/vacuum
Adaptable: has 2 soft silicone nose pads, different sizes for small and large noses
Safe: the special design of the aspirator prevents excessive suction strength, as confirmed by a test at the independent BELMET laboratory
Easy to maintain: disassembled into 8 parts, washed and disinfected. A test at the independent laboratory NLZOH proves the effectiveness of disinfection with 70% ethanol alcohol or with the help of boiling water
• Does not contain BPA

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Mediblink nasal aspirator 2in1 M400 is unique, as it can be used with the help of mouth or vacuum cleaner.

Intended use: For quick, effective, easy and safe removal of mucus from the nose of babies and children.

Two soft silicone nose tips make it gentle and completely safe to use. The nosepieces are of different sizes, which increases flexibility and improves the product's effectiveness.

The M400 aspirator is easy to clean, as it can be disassembled into 8 parts. The transparent design allows you to monitor the product's performance during use, and the ergonomic design allows for easy handling. It does not contain BPA.

Mediblink nasal aspirator 2 in 1 M400 is unique (can be used with the help of the mouth or a vacuum cleaner), gentle and safe (contains a soft silicone nose piece), flexible (contains 2 sizes of nose pieces), easy to clean (disassembles into 8 parts, washes and disinfects), transparent (immediately you can see the effectiveness of the function), ergonomically designed (easy to handle), effective (empties the mucus from the nose in a few seconds) and BPA-free.

Warning: Be sure to moisten the nasal cavity with sterile saline solution before each use. Be in an upright position while moisturizing. Only adults can handle the product. There is a choking hazard due to the smaller components. Keep out of reach of children.

Mediblink M400

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