About us

Mediblink company is specialized in development and manufacture of high-quality medical devices. Our products include the most sophisticated technology for the best user experience. The Mediblink products are sold mainly in Pharmacies, Drug Shops and Baby Shops.

Our product portfolio includes thermometers, nebulizers, nasal aspirators, blood pressure monitors, cold/hot packs, heat patches, bandages and other medical devices.

Mediblink nasal aspirator 2 in 1 M400 is unique, because it is the only aspirator in the world which can be used by mouth or with a vacuum cleaner and Mediblink electronic nasal aspirator M420 has the best suction power among all electronic nasal aspirators on the market.

Compressor nebulizer Panda M460 has the best performance on the market, with very small aerosol size (MMAD 2,3 μm) and very high aerosol penetration rate (PORR 90,2%).  

Our blood pressure monitor M540 has latest AFib technology for early stroke prevention, our cold/hot packs are made out of beads, and are the most flexible and safest cold/hot products on the market and our water-resistant bandages can protect wound against water.

If you need more information about our products or distribution, please contact us on one of the following emails:

General informations: info@mediblink.com

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