MEDIBLINK Ultrasonic Portable Mosquito Repeller M001

3 Modes (3-in-1): Mosquito Mode, Dragonfly Mode and a combination of both modes
• Emits multi-frequency waves
• Single button control
• Clip for easy use
• Effective range: 30 m2
5 years warranty

  • 3in1 3in1
  • Mosquito Mosquito
  • 5 Years Warranty 5 Years Warranty

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Mediblink M001 Portable Mosquito Repeller combines 3 modes (3-in-1) and emits multi-frequency waves to prevent mosquitoes from becoming insensitive to the mosquito repellent.

Intended use: With an ultrasonic frequency and audible low-frequency sound waves irritates and drives most mosquitoes away.

3 Modes:

1. Mosquito Mode: The device emits ultrasonic waves that imitate the sound of male mosquitoes and thus drive away biting female mosquitoes.

2. Dragonfly Mode: The device imitates the sound of the wings of dragonflies, natural enemies of mosquitoes, and thus repels mosquitoes.

3. Mosquito + Dragonfly Mode: Combination of the above two functions, which alternate.

In fact, you can use it at home, but on trips, running, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. It is also easy to use with babies. The device is safe for people and pets, as it does not contain harmful chemicals but toxic solvents.

The range of action is 30 m2.

2x 1.5V AAA batteries included.

5 year warranty.

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Additional Info

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