MEDIBLINK Ultrasonic Nebulizer M480

• Suitable for the entire family - for infants, children and adults
• Includes mask for babies and children, adult mask, mouthpiece, nosepiece, 10 medicine cups for saline solution, retractable hose (which can be stretched up to 1 m in length) and 5 filters
Very small aerosol size (MMAD: 1,39 μm) and very high proportion of respirable aerosols (PORR: 95,92 %)
Extra fast therapy, with nebulization rate 0,9 ml/min
• Very low noise, due to integrated silencer patent (32 dB)
• Long hose (1 m) allows more movement during therapy
3 Years Warranty

  • Practically Inaudible Practically Inaudible
  • Compact & Simple Compact & Simple
  • 3 Nebuliz. Rates 3 Nebuliz. Rates
  • Very Effective Very Effective
  • Fast Treatment Fast Treatment
  • For Whole Family For Whole Family
  • 3 Years Warranty 3 Years Warranty

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The Mediblink M480 nebulizer is suitable for the entire family. It includes mask for babies and children, mask for adults, mouthpiece, nosepiece, 10 medicine cups for saline solution, retractable hose (which can be stretched up to 1 m in length) and 5 filters.

Intended use: For the relief of all types of diseases of the lower and upper airway.

If desired, buttons, located on the top of nebulizer, can be pressed to regulate the speed of aerosol dispersion: MAX (0,90 ml/min), MED (0,8 ml/min), MIN (0,64 ml/min), and therefore adjust the therapy time to your needs.

Medicaly very effective: 95,92% of aerosols reach lower airways

The share of dispersed aerosols, which are smaller then 5 microns (μm) and which, due to their size, reach lower airways (*PORR). The smaller the dispersed aerosols, the greater the efficacy of therapy, since a larger share of particles reaches the lower airways, all the way to the pulmonary alveolus. Thanks to special ultrasonic technology, the Mediblink M480 nebulizer disperses aerosols with only 1,39 μm (MMAD) in size, therefore as much as 95,92% (PORR) of aerosols reaches the lower airways. The therapy is much more effective than if a regular nebulizer is used. The chart shows the time of the individual therapy, while using 5 ml of sterile saline solution. Thanks to special ultrasonic technology, the Mediblink M480 nebulizer enables 6 times shorter therapy time in comparison with traditional nebulizer.

Because of ultrasonic technology, the Mediblink ultrasonic nebulizer M480 is almost silent (32,9 dB).

Warranty: 3 Years



The medicine container, oral and nasal attachment can be sterilized by dipping the parts in boiling water for a few minutes, then taking them out and letting them dry on their own. They can also be cleaned with an alcohol-based spray or using alcohol wipes.

Masks and ribbed tube can be cleaned using a mixture of water (1 l) and baking soda (3 tablespoons). The part is then rinsed and allowed to dry. Since the hose is ribbed, we recommend that you dry it by hanging it so that the water drains well.


* MMAD = average size of dispersed aerosols

* PORR = fraction of particles reaching the lower respiratory tract, all the way to the alveoli

Additional Info
Additional Info
Cev, dolžina cevi1 m
Other special features10 saline solution or medicine cups
Warranty3 years warranty
Glasnost32 dB
Klinično testiranda
MMAD – povprečna velikost razpršenih delcev1,39 μm
Možnost uporabe s fiziološko raztopino in/ali zdravilomda
Največji pretok (ml/min)0,9
Operativni pretok (ml/min)0,9
PORR - % delcev manjših od 5 mikrona metra95,92 %
Primeren za odrasle in otrokeda
Ustni nastavekda
Vrsta maskePriloženi mehki maski za otroke in odrasle
Vrsta motorjaultrazvočni

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