MEDIBLINK Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer M340

• Non-contact measurement on forehead
• Measurement in less than 2 seconds
• Body, liquid, object, food, air temperature measuremet in range from 0-100°C
• 3-color display: Green (temperature range: 35,5-37,3 °C), Yellow (temperature range: 37,4-38,0 °C), Red (temperature range: 38.1-43 °C)
50 Memories
• Measurement on distance 1-5 cm from forehead/ object/ liquid
• Auto turn-off in 18 seconds
• 5 Years Warranty

  • Body Temperature Body Temperature
  • Liquids and Objects Liquids and Objects
  • Air Temperature Air Temperature
  • Silent Mode Silent Mode
  • 8in1 8in1
  • Two-second Reading Two-second Reading
  • 50 Memories 50 Memories
  • Professional Professional
  • 5 Years Warranty 5 Years Warranty

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Mediblink Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer M340 takes a non-contact forehead (in Body Mode), object, liquid, ambient (in Surface Mode) temperature measurements in less then two seconds at a distance of 1 and 5 cm from the forehead/object/liquid. 

Intended use: For measuring and monitoring body temperature or liquids, objects and room temperature.

Thermometer has a handy design and it is safe and easy to use. It offers a precise measurements of the body temperature on the forehead (34 ºC - 43 ºC), and the object/surface/liquid/ambient temperature (0 ºC - 100 ºC). 

In case of a high body temperature (above 38,1 ºC), the thermometer emits an acoustic, visual warning (LCD color will turn red) and a frowning Emoji :( will be presented on the LCD screen. If the temperture is below 37,4 ºC, a green backlight and a smiling Emoji :) will be presented on the LCD screen. If the temperature is beetween 37,4 and 38,0 ºC a frowning Emoji :( will be presented on the LCD screen, and a yellow LCD backlight will be displayed. 

The thermometer has a silent/night mode, a large LCD screen, storage of the last 50 measurements, empty battery indicator, automatic shutdown fucntion and abilikty to swith between ºC and ºF.

Two 1.5V AAA batteries are enclosed. 

Operating mode: Adjusted mode (Body mode) / Direct mode (Surface mode).

Reference Body Site: Axillary.

The warranty period is 5 years.

Warning: The product can only be operated by adults. Potential choking hazard. Keep all parts out of reach of children. In the event of a health problem, you should visit a doctor. Read the instructions for use before using the thermometer.

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Additional Info

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