Mediblink Kinesiology Tape 5 cm x 5 m Pink M133

• For the support and stability of muscles and joints
• Helps in the recovery and improvement of the physical condition of muscles and joints
• Ideal for sport activities
Hypoallergenic (Latex free)
• Premium-quality Japanese adhesive
• Exceptionally breathable
• Dimension: 5 cm x 5 m
• Color: Pink

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This Kinesiology Tape can be used as an aid in the natural treatment process, rehabilitation and sports medicine. By improving the functioning of muscles and joint stability, the tape also helps in local lymph circulation. The proper use of the kinesiology tape provides support and stability to the muscles and joints without limiting their natural movement and can help recover and improve the physical condition. The tension applied by the kinesiology tape also works closer to the surface, starting with the epidermis, reduces the interstitial pressure in the inflamed area underneath it, helps to relieve the pain caused by compression and stimulates lymph drainage.

This is a completely natural pain treatment, which is mainly used by athletes and individuals in rehabilitation programmes, whilst it is also popular among individuals who do sports as amateurs, that is, in their free time.

The use of kinesiology tapes is recommended by physiotherapists all over the world.

The kinesiology tape supports joints and muscle tissue, helps in making certain movements, relieves pain, speeds up the recovery of damaged muscles, ligaments and joints, protects against damage, prevents lactic acid accumulation and accelerates or suppresses muscle contractions.

Mediblink kinesiology tape M133 is perfect for sports activities and is hypoallergenic (latex-free). Thanks to the high-quality Japanese adhesive, it is also durable under extreme conditions and in water. It is exceptionally breathable (consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane).

Instructions for use: Cut the kinesiology tape to the desired length. Apply the tape with respect to the treated body part and the desired effect. Make sure that the skin under the tape is smooth and taut. The tape can be left in place for several days.

Warnings: In case of hypersensitivity, stop using the tape or limit the time of use. For single use only (for one user only). Keep out of the reach of children. In case of serious injuries, seek medical advice before using the tape.

Adapter priloženNein
Druge posebnostiNein
Indikator nepravilnega srčnega utripa (srčna aritmija)Nein
Indikator gibanja telesa med meritvijoNein
Klinično testiran po ESH IP-2010Nein
Merjenje tlaka med inflacijo manšete (hitro merjenje)Nein
Merjenje tlaka med deflacijo manšete (klasično merjenje)Nein
Možnost kasnejšega preverjanja točnosti meritveNein
Možnost povezave z računalnikomNein
Možnost priklopa na adapterNein
Napihovanje manšete prilagojeno obsegu rokeNein
Opozori in opravi točno meritev v primeru srčne aritmijeNein
Osnovne značilnostiNein
Osvetljen zaslonNein
Povprečje meritevNein
Prikaz meritve na grafu (po WHO standardu)Nein
Prikaz pritiska srčnega utripaNein
Priložena torba za shranjevanjeNein
Priložen USB kabel in programska opremaNein
Spominska mestaNein
Točna meritev v primeru nepravilnega srčnega utripaNein
Velikost manšeteNein
Velikost zaslonaNein
Vrsta priloženih baterijNein
Vrsta manšeteNein
Vrsta merilnikaNein
Cev, dolžina ceviNein
Druge posebnostiNein
Klinično testiranNein
MMAD – povprečna velikost razpršenih delcevNein
Možnost uporabe s fiziološko raztopino in/ali zdravilomNein
Največji pretok (ml/min)Nein
Največji pritisk (bar)Nein
Operativni pretok (ml/min)Nein
Operativni pritisk (bar)Nein
PORR - % delcev manjših od 5 mikrona metraNein
Posodica za fiziološko raztopino/zdravilo, velikost posodiceNein
Predviden čas inhaliranja (5ml fiziološke raztopine)Nein
Priložena torba za shranjevanjeNein
Primeren za odrasle in otrokeNein
Teža (kg)Nein
Ustni nastavekNein
Vrsta maskeNein
Vrsta motorjaNein
Vsebuje prostor za shranjevanje rezervnih delovNein

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