MEDIBLINK Heat Patch ThermoHelp 10 pcs M103

Heat patches for muscles and joints
• Provides effective, rapid, targeted relief of muscle and joint pain resulting from exertion, strain, sprain and arthritis
Universal size for back, shoulders, hip, thigh, neck, arm & calf
8 hours of heating
Dermatologically & clinically tested
• Patch size: 13 x 9,5 cm
10 pcs

  • Dermatologically Tested Dermatologically Tested
  • Clinically Tested Clinically Tested

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Mediblink heat patch ThermoHelp 10x M103 for muscles and joints that deeply relax muscles. They heat for at least 8 hours. They are thin, flexible and without smell. They are dermatologically and clinically tested. They can be used on the back, shoulders, hips, thighs, neck, arms and calf.

Intended use: For the targeted relief of muscle and joint pain and pain caused by exertion, strain, sprains and arthritis.

Content: 10 individually wrapped heating patches, size 13 x 9.5 cm.

Before using the product, read the instructions for use. To reduce the risk of burns, fire and personal injury, you must use the product in accordance with the instructions and warnings.

Instructions for use:

- Open the plastic wrap just before use.

- Peel off the paper to reveal the sticky side.

- Place the sticky side of the patch on the skin on the painful area and fix it.

- For better effectiveness, the patch must be applied for at least 8 hours.

- The patch can be heated for up to 30 minutes before it reaches the maximum temperature.

- You can attach the product to skin or clothing.


Do not use the patch: If your doctor advises you not to use the product due to your health condition; if the heating patch is punctured or damaged; in combination with medicated lotions, creams, plasters and other sources of heat; on damaged or sensitive skin; in the area of ​​bruises and burns that appeared in the last 48 hours; if you cannot open or apply the patch yourself; if you are older - in this case, place the patch on your clothing to reduce the possibility of burns; on children under 12 years of age; on parts of the body where you do not feel the heat; if you are immobile or prone to skin ulcers; in combination with other forms of therapeutic heat, including electric heating pads, etc.

Consult your doctor before use: If you are pregnant, have diabetes, poor blood circulation, heart disease or rheumatoid arthritis.

Discontinue use and consult a doctor: If the pain does not go away after 7 days from the start of use, if you have swelling, rashes or excessive redness.

While using the product: Discontinue use if the patch pad feels too hot or uncomfortable. Be careful and check your skin from time to time. If you feel irritation or discover a burn, remove the patch immediately. It is normal for your skin to be slightly red after removing the patch. If your skin is still red after a few hours, stop using the patch until the redness has completely disappeared. Do not use the patch in the same place for more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period. DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT WHILE SLEEPING. CHECK YOUR SKIN FREQUENTLY DURING USE. THE PRODUCT MAY CAUSE SKIN IRRITATION OR BURNS. Store at room temperature. The product contains iron, which can be harmful to health if ingested. In case of ingestion, rinse your mouth with water and inform your doctor immediately. If the contents of the heating pad come into contact with your skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water. To avoid fire, NEVER HEAT THE PRODUCT IN A MICROWAVE OVEN. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND ANIMALS.

Adapter priloženNein
Druge posebnostiNein
Indikator nepravilnega srčnega utripa (srčna aritmija)Nein
Indikator gibanja telesa med meritvijoNein
Klinično testiran po ESH IP-2010Nein
Merjenje tlaka med inflacijo manšete (hitro merjenje)Nein
Merjenje tlaka med deflacijo manšete (klasično merjenje)Nein
Možnost kasnejšega preverjanja točnosti meritveNein
Možnost povezave z računalnikomNein
Možnost priklopa na adapterNein
Napihovanje manšete prilagojeno obsegu rokeNein
Opozori in opravi točno meritev v primeru srčne aritmijeNein
Osnovne značilnostiNein
Osvetljen zaslonNein
Povprečje meritevNein
Prikaz meritve na grafu (po WHO standardu)Nein
Prikaz pritiska srčnega utripaNein
Priložena torba za shranjevanjeNein
Priložen USB kabel in programska opremaNein
Spominska mestaNein
Točna meritev v primeru nepravilnega srčnega utripaNein
Velikost manšeteNein
Velikost zaslonaNein
Vrsta priloženih baterijNein
Vrsta manšeteNein
Vrsta merilnikaNein
Cev, dolžina ceviNein
Druge posebnostiNein
Klinično testiranNein
MMAD – povprečna velikost razpršenih delcevNein
Možnost uporabe s fiziološko raztopino in/ali zdravilomNein
Največji pretok (ml/min)Nein
Največji pritisk (bar)Nein
Operativni pretok (ml/min)Nein
Operativni pritisk (bar)Nein
PORR - % delcev manjših od 5 mikrona metraNein
Posodica za fiziološko raztopino/zdravilo, velikost posodiceNein
Predviden čas inhaliranja (5ml fiziološke raztopine)Nein
Priložena torba za shranjevanjeNein
Primeren za odrasle in otrokeNein
Teža (kg)Nein
Ustni nastavekNein
Vrsta maskeNein
Vrsta motorjaNein
Vsebuje prostor za shranjevanje rezervnih delovNein

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