MEDIBLINK Compressor Nebulizer Compact M440

Compact nebulizer with 3 speed level nebulizer cup
Small aerosol size (MMAD: 3,3 μm), and high respirable mass (PORR: 78 %)
Quick therapy, with adjustable nebulization rate from 0,12 - 0,30 mL/min  
Low noise (65 dB)
• Extra long hose (1,5 m) allows more movement during therapy
• Convenient handle and cup holder
• Suitable for infants, children & adults
• 5 Years Warranty (nebulizer) / 1 Year Warranty (replacement parts)

  • Very Effective Very Effective
  • Fast Treatment Fast Treatment
  • Very Low Noise Very Low Noise
  • Easy to Use Easy to Use
  • For Whole Family For Whole Family
  • 3 Nebulization Rates 3 Nebulization Rates
  • 5 Years Warranty 5 Years Warranty

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The Mediblink Compact M440 nebulizer is suitable for the whole family, as it contains a mask for babies or children and a mask for adults, mouthpiece, 3-level container for physiological solution, connecting tube 1.5 m long and 5 spare air filters.

Intended use: For the relief of all types of diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract.

It allows for easy maintenance, as both masks and the container for saline solution can be cleaned under running water after use or boiled for a few minutes in boiling water.

It has a convenient saline container holder. After finishing the therapy, you simply attach the container to the nebulizer, and then store the latter in any place.

Because the scattered particles or aerosols smaller than 5 µm, due to their size, also reach the lower respiratory tract (PORR). The smaller the value of the dispersed aerosols, the greater the effectiveness of the therapy, as a greater proportion of the particles reach the lower respiratory tract, all the way to the alveoli. The Mediblink Compact M440 nebulizer disperses aerosols only 3.3 μm in size, so as much as 78% of the aerosols reach the lower respiratory tract. The therapy is thus much more effective than using a conventional nebulizer.

The Mediblink Compact M440 nebulizer enables a shorter therapy time, as it only takes 16 minutes to inhale 5 ml of physiological solution. If you wish, by pressing the button located on the top of the saline solution container, you can regulate the speed of aerosol spraying with MAX (16 min), MED (25 min) or MIN (40 min) levels and thus adjust the therapy time to your needs .

5 year warranty (nebulizer) or 1 year warranty (accessories)

Warning: The nebulizer must be assembled, maintained and used by an adult. Never leave children unattended while using the product: the product contains small particles that can be swallowed. The product should only be available for the time you are carrying out the therapy. After finishing the therapy, you must store the product in a safe place, out of the reach of children. Do not expose the nebulizer to: high temperatures, moisture, dust or direct light.

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* MMAD = average size of dispersed aerosols

* PORR = fraction of particles reaching the lower respiratory tract, all the way to the alveoli

Additional Info
Additional Info
Cev, dolžina cevi1,5 m
Other special featuresPossibility of adjusting three levels of spray speed, convenient carrying handle and container holder
Warranty2 years warranty
Glasnost65 dB
Klinično testiranda
MMAD – povprečna velikost razpršenih delcev3,3
Možnost uporabe s fiziološko raztopino in/ali zdravilomda
Največji pretok (ml/min)0,30 ml/min
Operativni pretok (ml/min)0,30 ml/min
PORR - % delcev manjših od 5 mikrona metra78 %
Predviden čas inhaliranja (5ml fiziološke raztopine)20 min
Primeren za odrasle in otrokeda
Vrsta maskePriloženi maski za odrasle in otroke iz trdega silikona
Vrsta motorjakompresorski (batni)

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